Almost Home Kennels

About the Owner

Linda Cates, Owner


Linda lives on-site so pets have someone available to them all day and all night as well. The last night check is between 10 & 11 pm.

If You Love What You Do, You Will Be Good at it.

Founded in 2001, Linda Cates has always had a life long dream of opening a kennel. She has 26 years experience as a groomer, 16 years experience in boarding, and is certified in animal abuse investigations.  

"After working at other kennels before opening my own, I knew there had to be a better way. So many things just did not work. The pets were left scared and alone too long. It broke my heart. I knew that with the right floor plan, setup, some personal individual care, no pet would need to be scared and left alone, locked in a cage."  

"Dogs love to come here and run to our kennel when they get here. I always tell customers that's how you can tell how your pet's stay was. People always tell us, "our pet seems so happy". For first time clients your next visit will tell it all, your dog will jump out of your car and head towards our gate. Owners say, "I think my dog knows the way out here, they get so excited when I turn down your road". When our kitty clients get here they jump out of their carriers up in our window, leap on our tables and start to clean themselves after the car ride (I guess they feel they need to tidy up). People are always telling us that if they had not found us they would not be leaving town." 

My dogs love to go for rides!


Happy Dogs


Grandson Eli and my dogs, Kison and Amara